Grading System

Grade Meaning

Grade Meaning Grade Point Per Semester Hour
Each credit hour of A 4 points
Each credit hour of B 3 points
Each credit hour of C 2 points
Each credit hour of D 1 point
Each credit hour of F 0 points
Forgiveness Not computed in grade point average
I (Incomplete) Incomplete
W (Withdrawal) No penalty
AW (Administrative Withdrawal for non-attendance) Please consult with Registration personnel for specific deadline dates.
P/F (Pass/Fail) Passed courses not computed in cumulative grade point average (approved courses only)
U (Audit) No credit, “U” grade
Repeat Repeat (all other courses)
V Authorized for retake  (only issued through 2012SP)


A “W” (Withdrawal) may be recorded on the official record for students wishing to discontinue attendance in a course after the end of the refund period. If the student follows the proper withdrawal processes, a grade of “W” will be entered on the student’s transcript. Withdrawing from a course/s can only be completed in person. Students will be required to meet with a counselor prior to withdrawing to understand the academic ramifications of the action. Any of those students receiving financial aid will then be referred to the Financial Aid Department where the financial ramifications of the action will be discussed with the student. Both areas will be required to sign off on the withdrawal form before the student proceeds to Registration for processing.
Withdrawal dates are determined by the course duration. Please consult with Registration personnel or view specific deadline dates.

AW (Administrative Withdrawal for non-attendance)

Please consult with Registration personnel or view specific deadline dates.

Incomplete (Temporary Grade)

An “I” grade indicates that an important assignment such as a term paper, final examination, or experiment is missing, and upon arrangement with the instructor, may be submitted to complete the course. Removal of an “Incomplete” establishes whatever grade is warranted, provided that the work is completed prior to the mid-term of the semester following the term in which the course was taken. Otherwise, the final grade of “F” (or appropriate grade) is then recorded. Please consult with course instructors concerning incomplete courses.

Repeated Courses

Students may repeat courses within the following guidelines:

  1. Students repeating courses do so with the understanding that the grade earned at the most recent time they completed the course, or the current time that they are completing the course, will be computed in the grade point average for their College record. “Repeat” will appear adjacent to the previous grade on the official transcript.
  2. Students intending to transfer to other colleges or universities are encouraged to contact those schools about their repeat course policies.
  3. Students who have completed a course with a grade of A, B, C, Pass, or who have withdrawn from that course two or more times must receive the approval of the associate dean or dean of the academic division in which that course is taught, or another official designated by the associate dean. In order to repeat the course, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain permission prior to registration, and those who fail to do so may be dropped from the class.
  4. Students who have earned a grade of D, F, Fail, or U in a course, or who have withdrawn from that course only once, do not need permission to repeat that course.
  5. Students should note that courses are withdrawn from the curriculum from time to time, and that some courses may not be available for repeating.

Most scholarships or grants will not pay for repeated classes that the student has successfully completed (D grade or higher). Students who wish to repeat classes and who have financial aid should check with the SSC Office of Financial Aid for clarification prior to registration.
*These guidelines do not apply to students registering for courses which are designated “May be repeated for credit.” (See course descriptions on the MySSC portal).

Pass/Fail (P/F) Option

Certain courses are offered on a pass/fail basis. These courses are added to a student’s credit hour total, but passed hours are not included in the grade point average. Failed hours are included in a student’s GPA. Students intending to transfer to other colleges or universities are encouraged to contact those schools about their Pass/Fail policy.

Audit Option

To audit a course (take course for no credit), the student must register in the usual manner, paying all registration fees charged to students earning credit for the same course. After registering, the student completes the audit form and receives the signed permission of the instructor and returns the form to the Registration area to be processed. A “U” becomes the official grade. This process, must be completed during the add/drop period of the specific course. A credit registration may not be changed to an audit registration, and an audit registration may not be changed to credit registration after the add/drop period.

Grade Point Average

The grade point average (GPA) is obtained by dividing the total number of grade points earned by the total number of hours attempted.
College credit is counted in semester hours-a one-hour class period per week for one semester represents one credit hour. Credit for laboratory courses varies. Only course grades earned at the College are entered on the permanent record or used in computing grade point averages. Each course description in this Catalog indicates the number of semester hours and the contact hours for each course.
Grades received in MTH 100 and courses below the 100-level will not be included in the calculation of the college-level grade point average.

Attendance – Impact on Grades

  1. Regular class attendance is necessary for the successful completion of college courses. It is important that you attend and complete all your classes or officially drop (between add/drop period) or withdraw from any class that you no longer wish to complete.
  2. The attendance policy is determined by each individual instructor.
  3. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of and abide by the requirements set out by each instructor.

SSC Faculty are required to record attendance verification of their class by a pre-determined date. Any student reported as a no show or “NS” will be notified via SSC email. If the “NS” status is an error, the student must return to the faculty for discussion. The student will be granted readmission only if the faculty marked never attended in error.

After three business days, any student with the “NS” no show status, will be administratively withdrawn from the course and will receive a final grade of an “AW”, administrative withdrawal for non-attendance on their transcript. This grade cannot be reversed.

For those financial aid recipients, your financial aid will be adjusted after the third business day. You will be responsible for any charges caused by the non-attendance of the class.