Pharmacy Tech Certificates

Once the student has completed the Basic Certificate in the Pharmacy Technician Program, and is interested in working at more of an institutional or hospital setting, entry into our Full Certificate program may be requested. Additionally, they may be able to obtain their Associate’s Degree in General Studies. This degree may or may not transfer to a senior college or university. An SSC counselor or the PHT program coordinator should be contacted for more info on this Associates Degree in General Studies.

Gainful Employment Information

Suggested Sequence for Full-Time Students

Prerequisite Courses
HS Diploma and placement tests (Reading, English and Math)

Pharmacy Tech Certificate (PHT.CERT)

Semester 2
PHT 108 Pharmacy Operations II 3
PHT 103 Sterile Products 3
PHT 107 Pharmacy Law 1
PHT 106 Pharmacy Technician Internship II 2
PHT 109 Pharmacology II 3
SPE 108
COM 106
Oral Communications
Interpersonal Communications
Total for Pharmacy Tech Certificate (including prerequisites and Basic Certificate): 31

Pharmacy Tech Basic Certificate (PHT.BASIC)

Part-Time Students can complete the 16 week PHT-Basic over a period of two (2) semesters and the PHT-Certificate over a period of five (5) semesters, contingent on their preferred workload. Illinois and Indiana students must be licensed by the State of Illinois and/or State of Indiana prior to the onset of internship.

PHT 100 Pharmacy Technician Orientation * 3
PHT 101 Pharmaceutical Mathematics 3
PHT 102 Pharmacy Operations I 3
PHT 104 Pharmacology I 3
PHT 105 Pharmacy Technician Internship I 1
PHT 118
SPN 115
OTC, Herbal and Alternative Therapy
Spanish for Health Care Providers I
Total for Basic Certificate (including prerequisites): 16

Optional Course Work

PHT 111 Pharmacy Informatics
Requires approval of coordinator
PHT 120 Clinical Pharmacy Technician
Requires approval of coordinator

Short Course Option

PHT 115 Fundamentals of Pharmacy Technician Practice 6