Student Life & Leadership

Photo of the Office of Student Life and Leadership staff

The Office of Student Life & Leadership promotes and enhances the quality of student life through offering free activities and events on campus. The events are related to social, cultural and leadership topics. Some activities include guest speakers, field trips, workshops, performances and trainings.

Clubs & Organizations

The Office of Student Life & Leadership also serves as the central resource for student clubs and organizations, with professional assistance available to individuals and student organizations sponsoring campus activities, forming new clubs and addressing special needs or interests. Currently chartered clubs and organizations are listed in your Clubs & Organizations web page.

SSC Clubs & Organizations Registration/Application form

Student Leadership Program

The SSC Student Leadership Program invites students to prepare for life after SSC by becoming a student leader, peer mentor, ambassador or Student Trustee. Join us to learn skills for effective advocacy and service. We provide a wide variety of service projects and training opportunities to assist students in reaching their educational and career goals.

College I.D. Cards

Student I.D.s are issued through the Office Student Life & Leadership. All students are encouraged to obtain an I.D. to gain access to services and events. See the STUDENT HANDBOOK for guidelines.

All postings and distribution of materials by students must be approved by the Manager of Student Programming.