Student Government Association Constitution Articles I-IV

Article I – Identification

Any student who is currently enrolled in one or more classes is a member of South Suburban College Student Body and shall be entitled to vote on Student issues. To hold a senate seat, a student must be enrolled in a minimum of six (6) College credit hours, provided qualifications are met as set forth in Article V.

Article II – Purpose

The Student Government Association (the “SGA”) shall introduce and promote student activities and shall serve as a means of communication between the student body, faculty, and the administration. The SGA shall promote unity of clubs and organizations at South Suburban College. The SGA shall promote the general welfare of the student body and it shall oversee constructive changes in College policies for the student body when the need arises.

Article III – Membership of The SGA

Any student currently enrolled in six (6) or more hours of College classes at South Suburban College may be a member of the SGA if they meet the required qualifications outlined in Article V.

Article IV – Structure of the Student Government Association Senate

  1. President
  2. Executive Vice President/Chairman-IOC
  3. Vice President of Public Relations and Promotions
  4. Vice President of Financial Affairs
  5. Secretary/Senator
  6. Senators (6)
  7. Student Trustee
  8. Advisor Fiscal Agent
  9. Advisor