Military Services

Photo of a Joint Services Color Guard

Military Benefits

As a Veteran or Servicemember, you are accorded financial benefits provided by the U.S. Government and your state and/or local governments. The benefits are listed on this page All determinations and final decisions are made by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Military School Credits

Your VA Educational Benefits are determined by the date of your enlistment in the military. South Suburban College does not determine benefit eligibility or payment rates. All questions regarding eligibility, housing, books and supplies stipends should be directed to VA. All determinations and final decisions are made by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Employment and Internships for Veterans

The Veteran Center has complied some resources to help Veterans obtain employment after their Service time is over.

Resources for Military Veterans, Servicemembers and Their Families

The Veteran Center realizes that life away from the military is complicated and confusing sometimes overwhelming. There are many resources available through the government, as well as state and local agencies, via the Internet.

Resources for Faculty and Staff

The Veteran Center have answered some frequently asked questions by faculty and staff pertaining to policies and procedures involving active Servicemembers attending South Suburban College and other institutions of higher education. We have also compiled a list of resources to support faculty and staff in their understanding of military culture.

The following additional financial and technical services are provided to support Veterans and Servicemembers as they attend classes here at South Suburban College.

  • Process Veterans and Military Personnel Educational Benefits
  • Information on Veteran scholarships, emergency loans
  • VA work study program
  • Dedicated Veterans Lounge with study area and computers
  • SVA (Student Veterans Association)
  • Referrals to Student Resources, Services and Student Life
  • Referrals to local Veteran assistance organizations
  • Referrals to specialized Veterans counseling
  • Library Services including text. book loans
  • Referrals to employment and internship opportunities