Staff Directory

Dumas, Reynaldo Information TechnologyMicrocomputer Lab Coordinator34302415
Aratri, Phil Physical PlantSupervisor of Physical Plant Night OperationsL2605742
McCormick, Clarencia Business and Career InstituteHCCTP AssistantOFC3219
Richards, Erik BookstoreCampus Store Clerk II/BookstoreBookstore5760
Bradford, Donna Business and Career InstituteClient Solutions Support Specialist/BCI-3219
Gebert, Michael Campus PolicePolice Officer12155725
Marcano, Joel Campus PolicePolice Officer12155725
DeSouza, Roger Academic Assistance CenterStudent Specialist (Nights) 22642397
Arnold, Rebecca Academic Assistance CenterStudent Specialist (Days) 22642397
Regan, Venese Adult EducationESL Teacher’s AideL2332403
Viehweg, Mary Adult EducationInstructor53806029
Haynes, Jessica Health Professions and SciencesAcademic Assistant, HPOG Step-Up ProgramL2352374
Brooks, Sheral Health Professions and SciencesField Coordinator4469U2379
Johnson, Tina Health Professions and SciencesAcademic Assistant, HPOG Step-Up ProgramL2352371
Nowicki, Noah Communication ServicesAcademic Technology Specialist12492513
Jones, Danielle Health Professions and SciencesAdministrative Assistant I4453
Galarza, Oscar Campus PolicePolice Officer12155725
Branch, Azeal Student & Enrollment ServicesExecutive Assistant21522303
Monson, Loral Business and Career InstituteHighway Construction Career Training Program Assistant-3216
Davis, Cathy Financial AidManager23552284
Williams, Margot Academic Services OfficePBI Blast II Grant Project Program Manager34692426
Whitmore, Sonja Academic Services OfficePBI Blast II Grant Project Program Assistant3467
James, Ramona Health Professions and SciencesHPOG Step-Up Project CoordinatorL233
Wells, Brianna Business and Career InstituteTesting & Course Specialist5130ext. 3267
Stokes, Raylynn Adult EducationLiteracy Coach31312558
Campbell, Desmond Adult EducationASE/HSE Bridge Instructor L2333256
Pippion, Erica Job Training DepartmentYouth Case Manager44612559
Leibengood, Eric Academic Computing and TelecommunicationsMicrocomputer Analyst4160C2692
Brooks, Veretta Social and Behavioral SciencesAdministrative Assistant I34932272
Edwards , Gervaise Business and Career InstituteClient Solutions Employer Liaison Coordinator-6032
Pettit, George Communication ServicesManager-2011
Stone, Lory Custodial ServicesCustodian-6000
Radovich, Kathy Enrollment ServicesAdministrative Assistant I-2325
Young, Eric Physical PlantTrades II (Paint, Carpentry & Maintenance)-2207
Wynne, Marvin Campus PolicePolice Officer-5725
Wroda, Jason Business and Accounting ServicesManager of Internal Controls & Compliance22302477
Williams, Nate Custodial ServicesCustodian-2443
Williams, Eric Custodial ServicesCustodian-2443
Williams, Derrell Physical PlantTrades II-2207
Wilcox, Cecilia Assessment CenterCoordinator-2566
Wierzbicki, Belma Job Training DepartmentLead Case Manager-2487
Wiedeman, Stephanie Business and Career InstituteIGEN TAACCCT Career Pathways Grant Case Manager/Project Coordinator-6004
Whitted, Dwain Academic Computing and TelecommunicationsMicrocomputer Analyst -2677
Whitted, Danielle Student LifeManager of Student Programming-2328
Wesley, Blythe Adult EducationABE/ASE/ESL SecretaryL2332410
Wells, Albert Campus PoliceCampus Security Officer12155725
Walker, Thurmon Custodial ServicesCustodian-2443
Vogel, Raymond Physical PlantTrades II-2260
Underwood, Alexis Counseling CenterInformation Receptionist23505724
Turner, Barbara Enrollment Services - RecordsRegistration & Records Specialist-
Tovalin, Ana Job Training DepartmentCase Manager-2462
Tomich, Phillip (Tom) Job Training DepartmentManager-2394
Thrash, Cassandra Job Training DepartmentJob Developer-2534
Rogers, DaNee Business and Career InstituteTesting & Course Facilitator-3251
Tassin, Joanna MusicAdministrative Assistant I-2316
Szotek, Susan MathematicsAdministrative Assistant I-2254
Svenningsen, Eric Network SystemsMicrocomputer Lab Coordinator-2247
Summit, Maureen Business and Accounting ServicesGrant Specialist-2383
Stephenson, David Communication ServicesWeb/Media DeveloperL2382525
Springsteen, Janice Fine Arts, English and HumanitiesAdministrative Assistant I-2267
Soczyk, Greg Campus PolicePolice Officer-5725
Smith, Shannan Services for Students with Disabilities OfficeStudent Specialist-2572
Smith, Sabrina Enrollment ServicesAdmissions Assistant-2625
Smith, Marcus Physical PlantSupervisor-2443
Smith, Judy Extension ServicesExtension Services Assistant50046000
Smith, Jacqueline LibraryLibrarian Assistant I12495751
Smith, Anthony Network SystemsMicrocomputer Analyst34302663
Smith, Alexander Business and Career InstituteManager, Highway Construction Careers Training Program-3257
Smierciak, James Campus PolicePolice Officer-5725
Shunko, Alexis (Ellie) Performing Arts CenterTheatre Director-5741
Shannon, Shelisia Business and Accounting ServicesAccountant/Payroll-2434
Serna, Michelle Human ResourcesHuman Resources Generalist-2223
Sawe, Jouhan Information TechnologyStudent Help Desk Coordinator-2674
Santoro, Lisa Information TechnologyInformation Systems Specialist-2274
Robinette, Alysia PublicationsPublications Coordinator-2228
Reynolds, Robert Academic Computing and TelecommunicationsManager of Microcomputers/Help Desk4160G2672
Ravazee, Deborah Continuing EducationProgram Assistant-2231
Rallins, Rochelle Academic Computing and TelecommunicationsSwitchboard Attendant I-0
Radford, Eleanor Academic Computing and TelecommunicationsSwitchboard Attendant II-0
Quarcini, Deanna Administration OfficeExecutive Assistant12332212
Presta, Salvatore Campus PolicePolice Officer-5725
Pigatti , Kimberly Affirmative Action OfficeAffirmative Action Officer-5719
Pigatti, John Athletics, Intramurals, FieldhouseManager of Athletic Recruitment, Retention and Transfer-2524
Perniciaro, Anthony Physical PlantShipping and Receiving-2302
Perkins, T-Unna Admissions, Registration and RecordsRecord Assistant-
Perez, Catalina Custodial ServicesCustodian-2443
Pendergast, Kornine Legal Studies and Criminal JusticeAdministrative Assistant I-2285
Patel, Joshua Network SystemsNetwork Specialist4160C2675
Parker, Nikea Enrollment Services - AdmissionsAdmissions Assistant-2279
Ostrowski, Michael Physical PlantTrades II (Paint, Carpentry & Maintenance)-2207
Ostby, Ellen Enrollment Services - AdmissionsAdmissions Assistant-2490
Ohail, Janet Business and Accounting ServicesAccountant/ Head Cashier-2220
O'Connell, Margaret "Peggy" Enrollment Services - RegistrationAdmissions & Registration Specialist-2559
Nicholson, Solara Campus PoliceCampus Security Officer-5725
Nelson, James PublicationsPublications Specialist-
Needles, Dianne Business and Career InstituteWorkforce Development Program Coordinator-3259
Murphy, Erin Student LifeAdministrative Assistant I23292418
Morton, Margo Campus PoliceDispatcher-2235
Mitchell, Patricia NursingAdministrative Assistant II-2260
Minnis, Diane Information TechnologyProgrammer-2245
Miller, Tinishia Financial AidFinancial Aid Technician-2628
Miller, Jason Campus PolicePolice Officer-5725
Miller, Christin President's OfficeExecutive Assistant-2200
Metcalf, Jeanette LibraryInformation Receptionist12495751
Messi, Kathie Counseling CenterAdministrative Assistant I23502304
McElroy, Christopher Adult EducationABE/ASE/ESL Transitions Coach for Adult Education Programs34972398
McDowell , Candice Financial AidFinancial Aid Technician-
McDaniels, Quantina Counseling CenterAdministrative Assistant II-2304
McClinton , Renee Academic Services OfficeManager of Perkins/CTE Grants-
McCaskey-Thompson, Mary Adult EducationSecretary1243B2411
McCamury, Rasheedah Adult EducationESL CoordinatorL2332408
Mazzucca, Mike Network SystemsCoordinator of Network Specialists (Network Engineers)-2548
Mattox, Linda Foundation and Legislative InitiativesFoundation Specialist-2463
Plath, Cheryl Athletics, Intramurals, FieldhouseAdministrative Assistant IAthletic and Physical Fitness Center2334
Mastny-Skimerhorn, Nancy PublicationsPublication Specialist-2489
Martin, José Physical PlantTrades III (Mechanical, Electrical & General Maintenance)-2206
Martin, James Information TechnologyManager-2021
Martin, Donna Network SystemsManager-2670
Manola, Christi BookstoreManager11395760
Maltese, Renee Extension ServicesAdministrative Assistant II55906006
Malmquist, Jennifer BookstoreCampus Store Clerk II11395760
Majors, Betty Extension ServicesExtension Services Assistant50046001
Majewski, Raymond Physical PlantTrades III (Engineering)-5742
Mack, Candice Physical PlantAdministrative Assistant I-5742
Mabry, JoAnn NursingAdministrative Assistant I-2497
Love, Kimberly Campus PoliceDispatcher-2235
Loggins, Siobhan Enrollment Services - RegistrationAdmissions & Registration Specialist-2384
Lockhart , Brian Physical SciencesLaboratory Safety Coordinator-2298
Leslie, Matthew Communication ServicesElectronic Engineer I-2474
Lamoureux, Debbie PublicationsAdministrative Assistant I-2203
Kelly, Mary Alice Enrollment Services - RecordsAcademic Records Recorder-2324
Kelly, Carl Communication ServicesElectronic Engineer II-2519
Kawanna, Jane Business and Accounting ServicesAccountant-
Junod, Roland Network SystemsNetwork Specialist-2433
Junod, Anthony Academic Computing and TelecommunicationsMicrocomputer Analyst-2667
Jones, Roderick Physical PlantTrades I (Maintenance & Repairs)-6003
Johnson, Camille Adult EducationABE/ASE Instructor/Coordinator53806031
Jackson, Marrion Job Training DepartmentSecretary-2635
Humphrey, Erica Business Programs and Computer TechnologyAdministrative Assistant II-2288
Hughes, Zachary Institutional ResearchResearch Specialist-2225
Howell, Beverly BookstoreCampus Store Clerk I11395760
Hite, Hui-Ling Academic Assistance CenterManager-2649
Hill , Alisia NursingManager, Instructor Basic Nurse Assistant Program-2370
Hickey, Kevin Maintenance & EngineeringManager-2207
Hickey, Keith Custodial ServicesCustodian-2443
Henderson, Michael Physical PlantTrades II-
Hecimovich, Mark Network SystemsNetwork Specialist-2033
Haynes, Venise Adult EducationAdult Education Database & Program Compliance Coordinator44552385
Harris, Linda Adult EducationAdministrative Assistant II44552227
Guzman, Andrea Financial AidFinancial Aid Advisor-2283
Gutierrez, Diana Adult EducationCoordinator, GED for ESL33232535
Gray, Corrie Student LifeAdministrative Assistant I-2664
Gossler, Eric Communication ServicesMedia SpecialistL2482464
Gordon, Shannon Academic Computing and TelecommunicationsMicrocomputer Analyst-2671
Glumac, Alexandra Business and Career InstituteClient Solutions Specialist-3254
Givens, Carolyn Assessment CenterCoordinator-2495
Ginn, Ramona Business and Accounting ServicesAccount Clerk I-
Gibson, Lilah Assessment CenterTesting Center Specialist-2495
Ghani, Rayya Enrollment ServicesEnrollment Specialist-2630
Garth, Michael Physical PlantManager-2484
Fuentes, Lois Business and Career InstituteOperations and Testing Manager-
Forsytek, Cynthia BookstoreCampus Store Clerk III11395760
Fields, Frances Physical PlantCustodian IL2602443
Fantin, Stephen Network SystemsCoordinator, Server Administration-2291
Ellis, Marcus LibraryLibrarian Assistant I12495751
Eggleston , R William (Bill)Academic Computing and TelecommunicationsMicrocomputer Analyst-2360
Dukes, Gregory Custodial ServicesCustodian-2443
Dubeck, Susan Job Training DepartmentLead Case Manager-2459
Drwiega, John Campus PoliceCampus Security Officer-
Donahue, Beverly LibraryTechnical Services Library Assistant II12492416
Dixon-Smith, Khrys LibraryAdministrative Assistant I12492533
Dixon, James Custodial ServicesCustodian-6003
DiPrizio, Karen College RecruitmentEnrollment Specialist-2265
DeBartolo , Kathy Enrollment Services - AdmissionsStudent Evaluation Coordinator-2329
Damiani, Caryl Business and Accounting ServicesAccount Clerk-2220
Dale, Terese Academic Services OfficeExecutive Assistant21202430
Czulno, Laurie PurchasingPurchasing Coordinator21155757
Cuellar, Delfina Custodial ServicesCustodian-2443
Craig, Kaitlin Communication ServicesProducer-2521
Cook, Barbara Business and Accounting ServicesAccountant I-2018
Conyers, Shawnell Adult EducationABE/ASE/ESL Assessment Secretary44552240
Cobb, Clifton Custodial ServicesCustodian-2443
Chiaro, Leonard Campus PoliceChief-5726
Castillo, Arturo Financial AidFinancial Aid Technician-2684
Carrillo, Richard Campus PolicePolice Officer-5725
Carpenter, Mark Custodial ServicesCustodian-2443
Capolillo, Sashae Enrollment ServicesEnrollment Specialist-2395
Callahan, John Physical PlantTrades II-2207
Burrows, Nancy Business and Career InstituteClient Solutions and Regional Project Specialist-3258
Brozowski, Guy Network SystemsMicrocomputer Lab Coordinator-2365
Browne, Rhonda Information TechnologyAdministrative Assistant I-2387
Brown, Randy Physical PlantTrades II-2443
Brown, Cheryl Custodial ServicesCustodian-2443
Breving-Johnson, Jakob Information TechnologySystem Analyst-2673
Braziel, Odell Academic Computing and TelecommunicationsMicrocomputer Analyst-2030
Boyd , Robert Custodial ServicesCustodian-2443
Bowker, Hella Business Programs and Computer TechnologyAdministrative Assistant I34402664
Bonds-Carpenter, Gail Services for Students with Disabilities OfficeManager-2691
Blake, George Information TechnologyComputer Operator-2246
Blair, Yolanda Financial AidFinancial Aid Coordinator-2321
Bette , Peggy Business and Accounting ServicesAccounting Manager-2218
Benney, Albert Campus PoliceSergeant-5725
Beneventi, Karen LibraryCirculation Library Assistant II12495751
Banks, Melinda Campus PolicePolice Officer-5725
Bancroft, Darlene Science, Technology, Engineering, & MathematicsAdministrative Assistant II34452665
Avila, John College RecruitmentCoordinator-2023
Allen, Jason Court Reporting ProgramTechnology Specialist-3208
Allen, Janice Life Sciences and Physical EducationAdministrative Assistant I-2364
Alder, Rea Human ResourcesBenefits Specialist-2402