Staff Directory

Williams, Denita NursingNursing Lab Supervisor4123/42282476
Jones, Danielle Health Professions and SciencesAdministrative Assistant I4453
Galarza, Oscar Campus PolicePolice Officer12155725
Monson, Loral Business and Career InstituteHighway Construction Career Training Program Assistant-3216
Maxwell, Cortez Campus PoliceCampus Police Officer12155725
Davis, Cathy Financial AidFinancial Aid Manager23552284
Hill, Melinda Health Professions and SciencesAcademic Assistant HPOG Step-UpL241
Williams, Margot Academic Services OfficePBI Blast II Grant Project Program Manager34692426
Whitmore, Sonja Academic Services OfficePBI Blast II Grant Project Program Assistant3467
James, Ramona Health Professions and SciencesHPOG Step-Up Project CoordinatorL233
Stokes, Raylynn Adult EducationLiteracy Coach-
Campbell, Desmond Adult EducationASE/HSE Bridge Instructor -
Pippion, Erica Job Training DepartmentYouth Case Manager44612559
Schoettle, Michael Business and Career InstituteClient Solutions Specialist55103253
Leibengood, Eric Academic Computing and TelecommunicationsMicrocomputer Analyst4160C2692
Brooks, Veretta Social and Behavioral SciencesAdministrative Assistant I34932272
Edwards , Gervaise Business and Career InstituteClient Solutions Specialist-6032
Pettit, George Communication ServicesManager-2011
Stone, Lory Custodial ServicesCustodian-6000
Radovich, Kathy Enrollment ServicesAdministrative Assistant I-2325
Young, Eric Physical PlantTrades II (Paint, Carpentry & Maintenance)-2207
Wynne, Marvin Campus PolicePolice Officer-5725
Wroda, Jason Business and Accounting ServicesManager of Internal Controls & Compliance22302477
Williams, Nate Custodial ServicesCustodian-2443
Williams, Eric Custodial ServicesCustodian-2443
Williams, Derrell Physical PlantTrades II-2207
Wilcox, Cecilia Assessment CenterCoordinator-2566
Wierzbicki, Belma Job Training DepartmentLead Case Manager-2487
Wiedeman, Stephanie Business and Career InstituteIGEN TAACCCT Career Pathways Grant Case Manager/Project Coordinator-6004
Whitted, Tenial Enrollment ServicesManager, Registration and Records-2699
Whitted, Dwain Academic Computing and TelecommunicationsMicrocomputer Analyst -2677
Whitted, Danielle Enrollment Services - RecordsAdmissions & Registration Specialist-2328
Wesley, Blythe Adult EducationABE/ASE/ESL SecretaryL2332410
Wells, Albert Campus PoliceCampus Security Officer12155725
Walker, Thurmon Custodial ServicesCustodian-2443
Vogel, Raymond Physical PlantTrades II-2260
Underwood, Alexis Counseling CenterInformation Receptionist23505724
Turner, Barbara Enrollment Services - RecordsRegistration & Records Specialist-
Tovalin, Ana Job Training DepartmentCase Manager-2462
Tomich, Phillip (Tom) Job Training DepartmentManager-2394
Thrash, Cassandra Job Training DepartmentJob Developer-2534
Rogers, DaNee Business and Career InstituteTesting & Course Facilitator-3251
Tassin, Joanna MusicAdministrative Assistant I-2316
Szotek, Susan MathematicsAdministrative Assistant I-2254
Svenningsen, Eric Network SystemsMicrocomputer Lab Coordinator-2247
Summit, Maureen Business and Accounting ServicesGrant Specialist-2383
Stephenson, David Communication ServicesWeb/Media DeveloperL2382525
Springsteen, Janice Fine Arts, English and HumanitiesAdministrative Assistant I-2267
Soczyk, Greg Campus PolicePolice Officer-5725
Smith, Shannan Services for Students with Disabilities OfficeStudent Specialist-2572
Smith, Sabrina Enrollment ServicesAdmissions Assistant-2625
Smith, Marcus Physical PlantSupervisor-2443
Smith, Judy Extension ServicesExtension Services Assistant50046000
Smith, Jacqueline LibraryLibrarian Assistant I12495751
Smith, Anthony Network SystemsMicrocomputer Computer Lab Coordinator-2415
Smith, Alexander Business and Career InstituteManager, Highway Construction Careers Training Program-3257
Smierciak, James Campus PolicePolice Officer-5725
Shunko, Alexis (Ellie) Performing Arts CenterTheatre Director-5741
Shannon, Shelisia Business and Accounting ServicesAccountant/Payroll-2434
Serna, Michelle Human ResourcesHuman Resources Specialist-2223
Sawe, Jouhan Information TechnologyStudent Help Desk Coordinator-2674
Santoro, Lisa Information TechnologyInformation Systems Specialist-2274
Robinette, Alysia PublicationsPublications Coordinator-2228
Reynolds, Robert Academic Computing and TelecommunicationsMicrocomputer Analyst-2672
Ravazee, Deborah Continuing EducationProgram Assistant-2231
Rallins, Rochelle Academic Computing and TelecommunicationsSwitchboard Attendant I-0
Raimbault, Geri Health Professions and SciencesAdministrative Assistant II-2258
Radford, Eleanor Academic Computing and TelecommunicationsSwitchboard Attendant II-0
Quarcini, Deanna Administration OfficeExecutive Assistant12332212
Presta, Salvatore Campus PolicePolice Officer-5725
Pigatti , Kimberly Affirmative Action OfficeAffirmative Action Officer-5719
Pigatti, John Athletics, Intramurals, FieldhouseManager of Athletic Recruitment, Retention and Transfer-2524
Perniciaro, Anthony Physical PlantShipping and Receiving-2302
Perkins, T-Unna Admissions, Registration and RecordsRecord Assistant-
Perez, Catalina Custodial ServicesCustodian-2443
Pendergast, Kornine Legal Studies and Criminal JusticeAdministrative Assistant I-2285
Patel, Joshua Network SystemsNetwork Specialist4160C2675
Parker, Nikea Enrollment Services - AdmissionsAdmissions Assistant-2279
Ostrowski, Michael Physical PlantTrades II (Paint, Carpentry & Maintenance)-2207
Ostby, Ellen Enrollment Services - AdmissionsAdmissions Assistant-2490
Ohail, Janet Business and Accounting ServicesAccountant/ Head Cashier-2220
O'Connell, Margaret "Peggy" Enrollment Services - RegistrationAdmissions & Registration Specialist-2559
Nicholson, Solara Campus PoliceCampus Security Officer-5725
Nelson, James PublicationsPublications Specialist-
Needles, Dianne Business and Career InstituteWorkforce Development Program Coordinator-3259
Murphy, Erin Student LifeAdministrative Assistant I23292418
Morton, Margo Campus PoliceDispatcher-2235
Mitchell, Patricia NursingAdministrative Assistant II-2260
Minnis, Diane Information TechnologyProgrammer-2245
Miller, Tinishia Financial AidFinancial Aid Technician-2628
Miller, Jason Campus PolicePolice Officer-5725
Miller, Christin President's OfficeExecutive Assistant, Honors & Phi Theta Kappa Assistant-2200
Metcalf, Jeanette LibraryInformation Receptionist12495751
Messi, Kathie Counseling CenterAdministrative Assistant I23502304
McElroy, Christopher Adult EducationABE/ASE/ESL Transitions Coach for Adult Education Programs34972558
McDowell , Candice Financial AidFinancial Aid Technician-
McDaniels, Quantina Counseling CenterAdministrative Assistant II-2304
McClinton , Renee Academic Services OfficeManager of Perkins/CTE Grants-
McCaskey-Thompson, Mary Adult EducationSecretary1243B2411
McCamury, Rasheedah Adult EducationESL CoordinatorL2332410
Mazzucca, Mike Network SystemsCoordinator of Network Specialists (Network Engineers)-2548
Mattox, Linda Foundation and Legislative InitiativesFoundation Specialist-2463
Plath, Cheryl Athletics, Intramurals, FieldhouseAdministrative Assistant IAthletic and Physical Fitness Center2334
Mastny-Skimerhorn, Nancy PublicationsPublication Specialist-2489
Martin, José Physical PlantTrades III (Mechanical, Electrical & General Maintenance)-2206
Martin, James Information TechnologyManager-2021
Martin, Donna Network SystemsManager-2670
Manola, Christi BookstoreManager11395760
Maltese, Renee Extension ServicesAdministrative Assistant II55906006
Malmquist, Jennifer BookstoreCampus Store Clerk II11395760
Majors, Betty Extension ServicesExtension Services Assistant50046001
Majewski, Raymond Physical PlantTrades III (Engineering)-5742
Mack, Candice Physical PlantAdministrative Assistant I-5742
Mabry, JoAnn NursingAdministrative Assistant I-2497
Love, Kimberly Campus PoliceDispatcher-2235
Loggins, Siobhan Enrollment Services - RegistrationAdmissions & Registration Specialist-2384
Lockhart , Brian Physical SciencesLaboratory Safety Coordinator-2298
Leslie, Matthew Communication ServicesElectronic Engineer I-2474
Lamoureux, Debbie PublicationsAdministrative Assistant I-2203
Kelly, Mary Alice Enrollment Services - RecordsAcademic Records Recorder-2324
Kelly, Carl Communication ServicesElectronic Engineer II-2519
Kawanna, Jane Business and Accounting ServicesAccountant-
Junod, Roland Network SystemsNetwork Specialist-2433
Junod, Anthony Academic Computing and TelecommunicationsMicrocomputer Analyst-2667
Jones, Tiffane College RecruitmentManager, Admissions and Recruitment-2314
Jones, Roderick Physical PlantTrades I (Maintenance & Repairs)-6003
Johnson, Camille Adult EducationABE/ASE Instructor/Coordinator53806031
Jackson, Marrion Job Training DepartmentSecretary-2635
Humphrey, Erica Business Programs and Computer TechnologyAdministrative Assistant II-2288
Hughes, Zachary Institutional ResearchResearch Specialist-2225
Howell, Beverly BookstoreCampus Store Clerk I11395760
Hite, Hui-Ling Academic Assistance CenterManager-2649
Hill , Alisia NursingManager, Instructor Basic Nurse Assistant Program-2370
Hickey, Kevin Physical PlantManager, Plant Operations and Maintenance-2207
Hickey, Keith Custodial ServicesCustodian-2443
Henderson, Michael Physical PlantTrades II-
Hecimovich, Mark Network SystemsNetwork Specialist-2033
Haynes, Venise Adult EducationAdult Education Database & Program Compliance CoordinatorL2332408
Harris, Linda Enrollment and Adult EducationAdministrative Assistant II-2227
Guzman, Andrea Financial AidFinancial Aid Advisor-2283
Gutierrez, Diana Adult EducationCoordinator, GED for ESL33232535
Gray, Corrie Student LifeAdministrative Assistant I-2664
Gossler, Eric Communication ServicesMedia SpecialistL2482464
Gordon, Shannon Academic Computing and TelecommunicationsMicrocomputer Analyst-2671
Glumac, Alexandra Business and Career InstituteClient Solutions Specialist-3254
Givens, Carolyn Assessment CenterCoordinator-2495
Ginn, Ramona Business and Accounting ServicesAccount Clerk I-
Gibson, Lilah Assessment CenterTesting Center Specialist-2495
Ghani, Rayya Enrollment ServicesEnrollment Specialist-2630
Garth, Michael Physical PlantManager, Plant Operations & Custodial Services-2484
Fuentes, Lois Business and Career InstituteOperations and Testing Manager-
Forsytek, Cynthia BookstoreCampus Store Clerk III11395760
Fields, Frances Physical PlantCustodian IL2602443
Fantin, Stephen Network SystemsCoordinator, Server Administration-2291
Ellis, Marcus LibraryLibrarian Assistant I12495751
Eggleston , R William (Bill)Academic Computing and TelecommunicationsMicrocomputer Analyst-2360
Dukes, Gregory Custodial ServicesCustodian-2443
Dubeck, Susan Job Training DepartmentLead Case Manager-2459
Drwiega, John Campus PoliceCampus Security Officer-
Donahue, Troy Academic Computing and TelecommunicationsManager, Microcomputers and Help Desk-2669
Donahue, Beverly LibraryTechnical Services Library Assistant II12492416
Dixon-Smith, Khrys LibraryAdministrative Assistant I12492533
Dixon, James Custodial ServicesCustodian-6003
DiPrizio, Karen College RecruitmentEnrollment Specialist-2265
DeBartolo , Kathy Enrollment Services - AdmissionsStudent Evaluation Coordinator-2329
Damiani, Caryl Business and Accounting ServicesAccount Clerk-2220
Dale, Terese Academic Services OfficeExecutive Assistant21202430
Czulno, Laurie PurchasingPurchasing Coordinator21155757
Cuellar, Delfina Custodial ServicesCustodian-2443
Crossley, Curtiss Academic Assistance CenterStudent Specialist-2600
Craig, Kaitlin Communication ServicesProducer-2521
Cooper, Leslie BookstoreCampus Store Clerk II11395760
Cook, Barbara Business and Accounting ServicesAccountant I-2018
Conyers, Shawnell Adult EducationABE/ASE/ESL Assessment Secretary44552240
Cobb, Clifton Custodial ServicesCustodian-2443
Chiaro, Leonard Campus PoliceChief-5726
Castillo, Arturo Financial AidFinancial Aid Technician-2684
Carrillo, Richard Campus PolicePolice Officer-5725
Carpenter, Mark Custodial ServicesCustodian-2443
Capolillo, Sashae Enrollment ServicesEnrollment Specialist-2395
Callahan, John Physical PlantTrades II-2207
Burrows, Nancy Business and Career InstituteClient Solutions and Regional Project Specialist-3258
Bult, Marcia Business and Accounting ServicesManager of Internal Control and Compliance-2399
Brozowski, Guy Network SystemsMicrocomputer Lab Coordinator-2365
Browne, Rhonda Information TechnologyAdministrative Assistant I-2387
Brown, Randy Physical PlantTrades II-2443
Brown, Cheryl Custodial ServicesCustodian-2443
Breving-Johnson, Jakob Information TechnologySystem Analyst-2673
Braziel, Odell Academic Computing and TelecommunicationsMicrocomputer Analyst-2030
Boyd , Robert Custodial ServicesCustodian-2443
Bowker, Hella Business Programs and Computer TechnologyAdministrative Assistant I34402664
Bonds-Carpenter, Gail Services for Students with Disabilities OfficeManager-2691
Blake, George Information TechnologyComputer Operator-2246
Blair, Yolanda Financial AidFinancial Aid Coordinator-2321
Bette , Peggy Business and Accounting ServicesAccounting Manager-2218
Benney, Albert Campus PolicePolice Sergeant-5725
Beneventi, Karen LibraryCirculation Library Assistant II12495751
Banks, Melinda Campus PolicePolice Officer-5725
Bancroft, Darlene Legal Studies and Criminal JusticeAdministrative Assistant II-2665
Avila, John College RecruitmentCoordinator-2023
Allen, Jason Court Reporting ProgramTechnology Specialist-3208
Allen, Janice Life Sciences and Physical EducationAdministrative Assistant I-2364
Alder, Rea Human ResourcesExecutive Assistant-2402
Adams, Paul Campus PolicePolice Officer-5725