Refund Dates For Credit Classes


Add/Drop dates match both the LENGTH of a class as well as the individual section start date. The tables below identify both the general guidelines as well as the specific dates for credit classes.

If your class does not meet according to any of the below, check with your department to verify due dates:

  • 8-WEEKS – 2 Business days from start of class; weekends and holidays do not count.
    (Example: Class starts on Monday, June 5th, Add/Drop ends Tuesday, June 6th.)

2023 SUMMER Classes

8-Week Class Starts On: Last to Drop and Get Refund
Monday 06/05/23 06/06/23
Tuesday 06/06/23 06/07/23
Wednesday 06/07/23 06/08/23
Thursday 06/08/23 06/09/23

For more information, contact Registration, (708) 596-2000 ext. 2328 or 2384.