Certificates and Basic Certificates

Accounting Certificate ACC.CERT
Accounting Systems – Information Management Computerized Accounting Basic Certificate ACC.BASIC.COMPUT
Accounting Systems – Information Management Accounting Paraprofessional Basic Certificate ACC.BASIC
Accounting Systems – Information Management Tax Preparer Basic Certificate ACC.BASIC.TAXPREP
Barber Technician Certificate BAR.CERT
Building Code Enforcement Certificate BCD.BASIC.CODENF
Building Code Enforcement Concrete and Framing Inspections Basic Certificate BCD.BASIC.CONFRM
Building Code Enforcement Plumbing Inspections Basic Certificate BCD.BASIC.PLUMBINSP
Building Code Enforcement Mechanical Inspections Basic Certificate BCD.BASIC.MECHINSP
Building Code Enforcement Electrical Inspections Basic Certificate BCD.BASIC.ELCINSP
Building Construction Technology Solar Photovoltaic Installation Tech Certificate BLD.CERT.SPV
Building Construction Technology New Residential Construction Basic Certificate BLD.BASIC.NEWRESID
Building Construction Technology Building Rehabilitation Basic Certificate BLD.BASIC.REHAB
Building Construction Technology Green Building Construction BLD.BASIC.CONGR
Building Construction Technology Home Maintenance Basic Certificate BLD.BASIC.HOMEMAIN
Building Construction Technology HVACR Technician Certificate BLD.BASIC.HVACR
Building Construction Technology Industrial/Brownfield Safety, Land Reuse, & Public Health BLD.BASIC.BRFS
Building Construction Technology Construction Supervision & Management Basic Certificate BLD.BASIC.SUPVMGT
Building Construction Technology Home Inspection Basic Certificate BLD.BASIC.HOMINS
Building Construction Technology Industrial Maintenance I Certification MFG.BASIC.MAINT1
Building Construction Technology Industrial Maintenance II Certification MFG.BASIC.MAINT2
Cannabis Dispensary Operations Basic Certificate BUS.BASIC.CNB
Coding Specialist Certificate HIT.CERT
Community Health Worker Certificate CHW.CERT
Computer-Aided Design Architectural Engineering Construction Technology Certificate CAD.CERT.ARCH
Computer-Aided Design Mechanical Engineering Technology Certificate CAD.CERT.MECH
Computer-Aided Design Mechanical Basic Certificate CAD.BASIC.MECH
Computer-Aided Design Advanced Mechanical Basic Certificate CAD.BASIC.MECHADV
Computer-Aided Design AEC Basic Certificate CAD.BASIC.ARCH
Computer-Aided Design CADD Technical Publishing Basic Certificate CAD.BASIC.TECHPUB
Computer-Aided Design Advanced AEC Basic Certificate CAD.BASIC.AEC
Computer Information Sciences Cisco Network Technician Basic Certificate CIS.BASIC.NETSPEC
Computer Information Sciences A+ Network Technician Prep Basic Certificate CIS.BASIC.APLUS
Computer Information Sciences Cabling Technician Basic Certificate CIS.BASIC
Criminal Justice System Certificate CJS.CERT
Early Childhood Education Level II CHD.BASIC
Early Childhood Education Level III CHD.BASIC.ECEIII
Electronics Engineering Technology Certificate ELC.BASIC.ELCEGR
Electronics Engineering Technology Basic Electricity Basic Certificate ELC.BASIC.ELC
Electronics Engineering Technology Digital Electronics Basic Certificate ELC.BASIC.DIGELC
Emergency Medical Services Paramedic Advanced Certificate EMS.CERT
Emergency Medical Technician EMT.BASIC
Graphic Design Adobe Creative Suite Certificate ART.BASIC.GRPHDES
Hospitality Management Certificate (MGMT.CERT.HSP)
Hospitality Management Basic Certificate (MGT.BASIC.HSP)
Human Services Addiction Counseling Basic Certificate HSA.BASIC.ADD
Human Services Sign Language Basic Certificate HSA.BASIC.SIGN
Management – Manager/Supervisor Certificate MGMT.CERT.SUPV
Management – Manager/Supervisor Supervisor Skills Basic Certificate MGMT.BASIC.SUPV
Management – Manager/Supervisor Entrepreneurial Express Basic Certificate MGMT.BASIC.ENT
Management – Manager/Supervisor Communication Skills for the Entrepreneur Basic Certificate MGMT.BASIC.COMENTR
Management Small Business Management Entrepreneurship Certificate MGMT.CERT.SMBUS
Management Small Business Management Entrepreneurship Basic Certificate MGMT.BASIC.ENTREP
Management Information Systems Microsoft Network Technician Basic Certificate CIS.BASIC.MSNETWORK
Management Information Systems Network Technician Basic Certificate CIS.BASIC.NETWORK
Management Information Syst ems Help Desk Certificate Basic Certificate CIS.BASIC.HELP
Management Information Systems Microcomputer Programming Basic Certificate CIS.BASIC.MICROPROG
Management Information Systems Programming in BASIC Basic Certificate CIS.BASIC.BASICPROG
Management Information Systems Programming for Windows Basic Certificate CIS.BASIC.WINPROG
Management Information Systems Web Programming Basic Certificate CIS.BASIC.PROG
Marketing-Management Certificate MKT.CERT.MNGT
Marketing-Management Retailing Basic Certificate MKT.BASIC.RETAIL
Marketing-Management Fashion Merchandising Certificate MKT.BASIC.FACH
Marketing-Management Fashion Merchandising Basic Certificate MKT.BASIC.FASHION
Medical Assistant Certificate MAS.CERT
Nursing Assistant Training Program Basic Certificate NUR.BASIC.CNA
Office Administration and Technology Microsoft Office Suite Tools Basic Certificate OAT.BASIC.OFFSUITE
Paralegal/Legal Assistant Certificate PLA.CERT
Patient Care Technician PCT.BASIC.CERT)
Pharmacy Technician Certificate PHT.CERT
Phlebotomy Basic Certificate PHB.CERT
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Program Certificate MRI.BASIC
Real Estate Basic Certificate BUS.BASIC.REALESTATE
Visual Communication Advanced Certificate COM.CERT.VIS
Visual Communication Basic Certificate COM.BASIC.VIS
Welding Technology Multi-Process Welding Certificate WLD.BASIC.MPRO
Welding Technology Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) Certificate WLD.BASIC.SMAW
Welding Technology Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) Certificate WLD.BASIC.GMAW
Welding Technology Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) Certificate WLD.BASIC.GTAW