College Messaging System / SSC ALERT

SSC ALERT was created to quickly inform the campus community of time sensitive or emergency situations.

This alert system has the capability to send messages by voice, email and text message. Messages will be sent for confirmed emergencies or dangerous situations that present an immediate threat to the campus such as a tornado, threat of violence, chemical hazard, or other significant events such as a school closing, snow emergency, or power outage.

Unfortunately, this service is only as good as the contact information it contains. If you wish to receive timely messages regarding campus closures, for example, please make sure the contact information you have on file with the College is current.

If you are a student, and need to make a change to your record, it can be updated at the Registration counter. If you are an employee that needs to make a change, please visit our department of Human Resources. Opt-out forms are available at these locations as well.

This alert system is provided in “good faith” by the College, and it is not a guarantee of notification in the event of an emergency. Test messages will be sent at the beginning of each semester to active students and employees.

Students, faculty and staff are able to list up to six phone numbers, one SMS/text messaging number, and two email addresses (one of which will be your account) in our SSC ALERT database.

It is important to remember:

The College will automatically populate any information we have on file into the alert system. If you are a student, and you do not wish to participate in this service, please visit the folks in Registration with a valid photo ID. Employees should visit the Office of Human Resources. Please note, you will not be allowed to opt-out of any College provided phone number or email address.