Human Success Project

The Human Success Project allows adults, who, for whatever reason, were unable to finish their high school education, to earn their high school diplomas rather than a High School Equivalency (HSE) certificate. The Human Success Project is administered through the Counseling Center.

The Human Success Project is designed for adults, 18 years or older, who have completed at least three years of high school credits. Participants take courses at the College that will transfer back to the high school to satisfy high school graduation credits. The high school evaluates the credits earned through the Human Success Project before it awards the high school diploma. Contact the Counseling Center for more information at (708) 596-2000, ext. 5724.

College Course Equivalent to High School Credit

  • College courses of two credit hours or less = 1/2 high school credit
  • College courses of three credit hours or more = 1 high school credit

Steps to Complete Your High School Diploma through SSC

If you are seeking a high school diploma from your high school through South Suburban College’s Human Success Program, please follow these steps:

  1. Make an appointment to see a counselor or school official from your high school. The counselor or school official will discuss the appropriateness of the program and the feasibility of your successful completion. If the high school counselor or school official approves this Human Success Program for you, a Human Success Application will be completed by the high school personnel. The high school counselor must list the classes and credits you need to complete your high school diploma and must sign the form verifying approval. Once the SSC counselor has identified the equivalent courses, a copy of this form will be forwarded to the high school counselor and the student.
  2. Come to the Admissions Office at South Suburban College to submit a South Suburban College Application (not the Human Success Application) and register for and take the Placement Test.
  3. Make an appointment with one of the Human Success Counselors at SSC by calling (708) 596-2000 ext. 5724. Bring the completed Human Success Application with you so that you may discuss the equivalent college courses you will need to and a starting date. If developmental courses are required, you will need to take them first. The Human Success Counselor will also help you schedule your classes.
  4. South Suburban College supports your efforts to complete your high school diploma by offering a waiver for free tuition for one college course after you have been accepted into the Human Success Program. The waiver is for tuition only and you are still responsible for all fees and books for the class. Download the Human Success Tuition Waiver form and bring it with you to your counselor appointment after you complete your placement test.
  5. Remember, it is your responsibility to attend all registered classes and to study the assigned material. If you are having any problems during the semester, you are always welcome to see the Human Success Counselor by appointment for guidance.
  6. SSC is NOT a high school; we will not be checking on your attendance. It is your responsibility to attend and confirm to the requirements of each of your classes.
  7. When your classes are completed you must notify the Human Success Counselor and schedule an appointment for a final check. It is then your responsibility to request an official transcript from South Suburban College be forwarded to your high school. Upon final acceptance by the high school you must then notify the Human Success Counselor to close out your file.