Requirements for Admission to Baccalaureate/Transfer Programs

All students entering South Suburban College must meet the requirements of the State of Illinois admissions standards. Students are allowed to register for college-level courses upon successful completion of the Placement Test.

Students applying for admission to a baccalaureate transfer program must meet the minimum requirements outlined in Illinois Public Act 86-0954 (see table below.) A student who does not meet these requirements at the time of application will be admitted to South Suburban College as a “conditional baccalaureate transfer student.” When academic deficiencies have been completed, the student will be re-classified as a baccalaureate transfer student.

High School Course Requirements for Admission to Baccalaureate Transfer Programs

Subject Years of Coursework Notes
English 4 Written and Oral Communications, Literature
Math 3 Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry or Computer Programming
Social Studies 2 History and Government
Science 2 Laboratory Sciences
Electives 2 Foreign Language, Art, Music, Vocational Education
Flexible Units 2 Two additional courses from any of the five categories

Completion of High School Deficiencies

All students who have academic deficiencies as stated in Illinois Act 86-0954 will have satisfied these deficiencies upon completion of the following requirements: Successful completion of 24 transferable college credits (with a minimum grade point average of 2.0) which must include English 101, Speech 108, one social science course, one four-credit laboratory science course and one math course (MTH 165 or an equivalent or higher level).